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Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack

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July 193 minute read

Canvas and spare wheel style rubbish bags make transporting cleaner rubbish and full rubbish bags pretty straight forward. For us the tricky bit is kitchen waste. Retying a grocery bag is a challenge, and with any wet waste there is always the fear of leakage, this is where the Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack comes in.

Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack

The Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack fills that void. It’s essentially a dry bag. Anyone that has used a dry bag will know they are designed to keep things waterproof. The reverse is also true, so in this case any rubbish leaks will be contained.

The cleverness of this sack is in the roll top. The throat has plastic ribbing. The liner plastic bag tucks over the plastic. The plastic then folds down containing the bag, and finally the top of the dry bag pulls up and over the top, locking everything in place.

It’s easy to fit the bag, and it actually holds it in place really securely. It means that when you are using the bag the top opens wide. Between uses simply roll the top down and buckle it up.

While lots of liner bags work, the best we’ve found are the Glad Tuff Stuff – Medium 51cm x 55cm. We haven’t had a leak yet. On longer trips when it’s full we tie the liner bag off, stow it in our larger rubbish bag, and go again.

Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack
Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack
Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack
Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack

The Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack can easily be clipped to a vehicle, camper or table – handy so you can keep your camp kitchen tidy like the pros.

Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack
Sea To Summit Trash Dry Sack

As well as overland style travel, we’ve tried the Sea to Summit Trash Dray Sack on hikes and camping trips in boats, canoes and kayaks and it’s a good size and weight to work well for them all.

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