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Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven

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September 14 2 minute read

Fewer and fewer things are built beautifully and built to last these days. With most foundries being a thing of the past, trying to find something other than a cheaply cast, built to a budget camp oven, is almost impossible.

Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven

Enter the Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven 26cm (CS26). These ovens are made with care in Niigata, Japan. They are cast in fine-grained sand moulds and their ultra-fine casting technologies allow for some weight savings as well as an unrivalled finish.

Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven 1

The steep sides on the lid of the Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven hold a shovel load of coals, which favourably means more of the heat can come from the top. The lid is a perfect fit, so no coals or ash will drop in your dinner while you’re adding more ingredients or checking on progress.

Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven

The big handle on the lid and the sturdy stainless handles make it easy to handle with a pair of welders gloves on. 

Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven

Once the heat cranks up, the quality of the cast iron comes in to it’s own, conducting heat right through the oven. It cooks beautifully and with no hot spots, dinner doesn’t burn.

More than anything the gorgeous form catches the eye. It nudges at you to get back outdoors, fireside and cooking once more.

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