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Snow Peak Hammer and Pegs

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January 8 3 minute read

There’s nothing fun about bending pegs – yet pegs that bend still seem to be standard issue. A few years back we discovered this great Snow Peak hammer and pegs and we haven’t looked back.

Snow Peak Hammer And Pegs

So let’s take a look at what makes these pegs work. Uniquely, and quite logically, the head of these pegs is directly inline with the peg body which means the strike energy goes straight down. Combine this design with the fact that these stakes are hot forged and the result is an extremely strong product. Our set have done four years of solid work and we are yet to come close to bending even a single peg.

Snow Peak Hammer And Pegs

The Snow Peak Hammer is unique too. The replaceable copper head is similar to those seen in high-end mallets. The concept is that the copper gives a little as the hammer strikes the harder peg. It’s designed to stop the hammer glancing off the peg and to help the user get a quality strike every time. Does it work? Absolutely – so much so you might even find yourself hunting for hard campgrounds to showcase your ‘pro’ skills.

Snow Peak Hammer And Pegs
Snow Peak Hammer And Pegs

The Snow Peak hammer and pegs are also designed to work together for effortless peg retrieval. The retrieval hook on the backside of the hammer fits snugly inside the hole on the top of the peg. A few twists left and right usually breaks the seal with the dirt and from there it’s usually pretty easy to pull out the peg with the grip of the hammer.

Snow Peak Hammer And Pegs
Snow Peak Hammer And Pegs

If you dread hard ground or are tired of bending pegs this combo is absolutely worth a look. Snow Peak pegs, or stakes, come in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm lengths.

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