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Snow Peak Fire Pit




The Snow Peak Fire Pit is built from 1.5mm thick, premium grade stainless steel at Snow Peak HQ in Niigata, Japan.

  • Weight: 5.5kg / 12.1lbs
  • Length: 45cm / 17.7″
  • Width: 45cm / 17.7″
  • Height: 36cm / 14″
  • Storage: Quickly folds flat without disassembly
  • Accessories: Pairs with the optional Fire Pit Bridge and Fire Pit Grill for cooking
  • Transport: The Snow Peak Fire Pit, Fire Pit Bridge and Fire Pit Grill all stow in the optional Fire Pit Bag
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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Snow Peak Fire Pit 1

Environmental Benefits

The Snow Peak Fire Pit makes it easy to minimise the chance of an uncontrolled fire and use less wood which means more is left for wildlife habitat. They make it easy to check that your fire is completely out, and extinguishing your coals with water if needed. You can then dispose of your coals away from the main area leaving your campsite pristine for the next traveller.

Snow Peak Fire Pit 2

Why a Snow Peak Fire Pit?

While this design has been replicated in recent years by various brands who offer similar looking fire pits, the original innovation and design is Snow Peak’s and dates back to the early 1990s.

Snow Peak are fanatical about quality and the Fire Pit is at the centre of their range. They produce the Fire Pit from the highest quality raw materials at their Headquarters in Niigata, Japan. Investing in a Snow Peak Fire Pit is a choice in an heirloom quality product.


Snow Peak Fire Pit 3


With the addition of the Snow Peak Fire Pit Bridge and Fire Pit Grill it’s easy to cook up a storm. Few things beat a meal prepared over the flames. The Fire Pit Bridge has three adjustments heights to help get the temperature right. When dinner is done, lift of the grill, add a couple more logs and enjoy the stars! The Snow Peak Fireside Gloves have two layers of insulation and are a great option for handling the hot grill.

Snow Peak Fire Pit 4


The Snow Peak Fire Pit is slim enough to pack on all kinds of adventures. Ours has travelled with us across the Simpson, through the High Country, Arnhem Land, Kimberley and more.

Often we need to collect firewood during the day or bring it with us to destinations like WA’s mid coast. The Snow Peak Fire Pit uses far less wood than a ground fire which means less wood needs to be carried. Less wood more than offsets the weight of the pit itself.

Snow Peak Fire Pit 5


Once the coals are disposed of safely, its a simple matter of inverting the Snow Peak Fire Pit and holding it by one leg for it to return to the flat form for packing.

It’s easiest to place it in the Snow Peak Fire Pit Bag upside down so you can hold it by the leg. The Fire Bit Bridge and Grill also fit inside the bag with room.

The front pocket of the bag is ideal for storing items like the Snow Peak Fireside Gloves, Snow Peak BBQ Tongs and Soto Pocket Torch XT.

Snow Peak Fire Pit 6

Is A Base Plate Necessary?

In Japan, Snow Peak offers a Base Plate and Base Plate Stand either as separate components or as part of a kit and you will see these elements in the replica fire pits. These features offer extra protection to the grass in the frequently used camping fields in Japan.

Currently, we’ve chosen not to offer those elements for sale in Australia for a few reasons. Firstly, the additional protection is mostly unnecessary for our conditions. Secondly, the Base Plate weighs 1.9kg and the Base Plate Stand weighs 1.8kg – which we believe is 3.7kg of unnecessary additional load. Finally, they make setting up and packing away your Snow Peak Fire Pit slower.

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