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December 12 5 minute read

Willow Springs Station in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges is home to the self-guided off-road track, Skytrek.

Skytrek 29

While the track around Skytrek isn’t extremely challenging, there are steep climbs and descents and some tricky bits. You’ll need a vehicle with low range, and some off-roading experience to enjoy the drive.

Skytrek 30
Skytrek 31
Skytrek 32

Skytrek loops out into the heart of the property and the vast Flinders Ranges. The ridgelines genuinely are breathtaking, it was hard to concentrate on driving with the constant distraction of the landscape.

Skytrek 33
Skytrek 34
Skytrek 35

It’s a varied landscape too, with wooded valleys around one bend, followed by slipping scree slopes around the next.

Skytrek 36
Skytrek 37

What is Skytrek?

Skytrek is a well-managed, one-way track, with a limited number of vehicles permitted each day. While there were plenty of travellers out on the day we drove it, we only encountered two other groups.

Skytrek 1
Skytrek 38

Willow Springs Station issues each vehicle with a map and track notes. The track notes really added value to the trip for us. They highlighted a variety of trees, aboriginal Petro-glyphs, dingo traps, lookouts and Old Moxans’ Hut.

Skytrek 2
Skytrek 39
Skytrek 3
Skytrek 40

On the top of Vambata Hill, with a second map, we could quickly identify the surrounding peaks, ranges and landmarks.

Skytrek 4
Skytrek 41

It’s a big day out, and travellers aren’t permitted to start after 10.30 am. It’s worth starting early, though, and enjoying the drive and the sights along the way.

Skytrek 5
Skytrek 42
Skytrek 6
Skytrek 43

While the nearby Flinders National Park is spectacular and worth visiting, it’s busier, the tracks are more road-like, and it feels less wild.

Willow Springs Station is a working sheep station and stunning property, and as travellers, we are fortunate to be permitted to explore it. They also offer accommodation and camping.

Skytrek 7
Skytrek 44

While the experience is worth it in itself, with the drought, and now fires, visiting rural tourism operations like this is an incredibly powerful way of supporting our farming community.

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