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How To Season Cast Iron

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May 31 1 minute read

If you know how to season cast iron, you’ll have equipment that is truly a pleasure to use. The baked hard oil makes a magical non-stick coating which makes cooking a dream as well as protecting your camp oven or pans from rust should a little rain start to fall.

Clean, Dry & Warm

Get back to bare iron with some hot, soapy water and a good scrub. Now place your cast iron oven in a 100 degrees C oven to dry it out, warm it up and open its pores.


Apply a thin coat of oil all over your warm camp oven (we find flaxseed works best) and wipe off the excess. A thin film should remain. 


Crank the oven up to 260 degrees C and bake your iron for 30 minutes upside down so any excess oil doesn’t pool. Turn the oven off and let it cool ready to continue.

Build Layers

Now it’s time to build layers to make it last. Repeat steps 2-4, we find four to five layers total works best. The coating will get darker and better as you go.

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