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Does the app take long to setup?

To make the most of all of the app features, you need to upload your gear to the gear shed, save your favourite food items and meals along with the weights. Most people or families should be able to do the bulk of the setup over a weekend, but it will vary depending on the volume of items and how gear is stored and organised. Once this information is loaded, it is available for a lifetime of trips.

How do I weigh my gear?

Accurate bathroom scales are ideal for weighing most gear. It may be easier to carry heavy or awkward equipment onto the scales and subtract your weight from the reading. Small and lightweight gear is easier to weigh on more sensitive kitchen scales.

How do I weigh my food?

Food is often quickest to weigh just prior to a trip when all items are on hand. Simply run items over accurate kitchen scales and after a trip or two your favourite food and meals will have accurate weights recorded.

How do I weigh my 4×4?

We are looking for what we call a ‘true tare weight’. Tare weight is typically defined by auto makers as the vehicle with 10 litres of fuel. We are looking for this weight plus all of the permanently attached modifications like bull bars and tow bars. We recommend removing everything possible, including tools and recovery gear. While these items may always stay in the vehicle there may be an opportunity to trim weight here and it will be easier if they are listed as gear in your gear shed. If you have water tanks, empty them. Visit a calibrated weighbridge with a full tank of fuel for an accurate weight. Subtract the fuel weight for an accurate true weight. 1 litre of diesel = 0.875kg and 1 litre of unleaded fuel = 0.740kg.

How do I weigh my camper or caravan?

For campers and caravans, we are looking for empty weights. Drain water tanks, grey water tanks, remove gear and then weigh the camper or caravan on a calibrated weighbridge. We also need the ball weight, but we want this to be of the loaded camper or caravan to be accurate. The easiest method to obtain a ball weight is to purchase a ball weight scale.

How do I make a gear packing list?

First, ensure all of your gear is in GEAR SHED. Next, create a TRIP and then click the GEAR | SELECT tab. Here you can choose all of the gear needed for the particular trip. In the next trip menu tab, GEAR | PACK, finalise the quantity of each item. If applicable, select the packing location to ensure weight calculators are accurate.

How do I make a food shopping list?

First, ensure all of your food and drinks are in FOOD and your favourite MEALS are also saved. Next, create a TRIP and then click the FOOD | SELECT tab. Here you can choose the quantity of each meals you want to pack as well as the food and drinks. In the next trip menu tab, FOOD | SHOP, you can adjust the quantities of manually added items. If applicable, select the packing location to ensure weight calculators are accurate.

Can I share my plans?

Each Adventure Curated Trip Planner app subscription is suitable for an individual or family. Families can share the same login. It’s possible to share your ITINERARYGEAR | FINAL & FOOD | FINAL with others by quickly saving these as a PDF. 

Can I access my plans offline?

While your plans are available offline, we strongly recommend carrying hardcopies of essential trip plans as a back up.

How do I access support?

Support is provided by our team in Perth, Western Australia, and can be accessed by raising a support ticket in the profile menu of user accounts.