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The Adventure Curated Trip Planner app is a place to document your bucket list and plan to make it a reality.

It’s available for iOS and Android devices and as a web app for laptop or desktop planning.


Trip Planner app’s Dashboard shows your upcoming Trips and Bucket List and lists your gear that needs repair or purchasing.



  • Map out your itinerary
  • Upload documents like permits, bookings and flights
  • Quickly create packing lists for gear, food & meals
  • Track the weight of your hiking pack, 4×4, camper trailer, caravan or motorbike or boat
  • Create a budget
Adventure Curated Trip Planner App - Trips



Adventure Curated Trip Planner app’s Gear Shed is the place to ensure your gear is in good repair and ready to pack.

Customise your brands, categories and storage locations to suit your organisational style and outdoor activities.

Mark items that need repair during the trip. Pull up your repairs list and field notes back home, and you won’t forget to fix things before your next trip.

Kits are a great packing shortcut. When you use the kit feature, you only need to enter one gear name and weight, but you can still document the kit’s contents to keep track.

Allocate gear to a member of the family or mark shared to stay organised easily.

Change gear status to charge or fill to quickly shorten your list only to display those items. Similarly, use status sell and buy to plan what new gear you need and what you can let go of.

Adventure Curated Trip Planner App - Gear Shed



Save your favourite breakfast, lunches and dinners along with their ingredients in Meals to transform your Meal Planning forever.

Within the Meals section of Trips, simply select the number of meals you need for the length of your trip.

Next, toggle to the Meals Shopping & Packing mode for an automatically generated shopping list with everything you need for every meal, ready to hit the supermarket with your smartphone.

Adventure Curated Trip Planner App - Meals



The Food section within Trips is to cover everything that isn’t covered in the Meals features, including drinks, snacks and even items like loo paper.

List your favourites ready for all future trips to the main Food section as your master list, and then in the Food section within Trips, you can make a shopping and packing list in no time.

Adventure Curated Trip Planner App - Food


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The Trip Planner app is available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Each subscription is designed for shared usage for one family and includes all features, updates and future feature releases. Accounts can be used on Apple and Google devices and the web app, and data is kept in sync.


I love the app; such a great idea. It really appeals to me and lets me get organised and prepare for trips when sitting back in the house.


All your travel needs and info in one app; good job guys, keep it up!


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