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The Adventure Curated Trip Planner app makes it easy for adventurers to plan big trips and escape more often.

The app is now available as an Annual App Subscription card for retail sales. We are taking pre-orders, and the first stock will ship to retailers in mid-October 2022.


Stockist Benefits

  • New and unique retail product.
  • Perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions.
  • Retail Stockists promoted on Adventure Curated Facebook (75,000+ followers), Instagram (35,000+ followers) and email (25,000+ subscribers).
  • Complimentary annual subscriptions for all staff members to encourage personal trips.

Stockist Information

  • RRP $49.99
  • Wholesale Price $30 including GST.
  • 45% profit margin.
  • Free express shipping to your store worldwide.
  • Complimentary counter stand included with your initial order.
  • Ships in pack quantities of 25.
  • Payment terms net 30 days.

Order Form

Email Orders

Alternatively, please email your orders to app@adventurecurated.com.