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Product Benefits

The Adventure Curated Trip Planner app is a complimentary product that can provide an additional profit to your business while offering travellers a handy tool to plan their trips and track their weight as they make packing lists.

We encourage travellers to get accurate empty weights for their 4×4, caravan, camper trailer and boat and to check loaded weights periodically to validate that they have packed within limits and to check advanced considerations like balance and axle limits.

Trip Planner allows users to make choices early and avoid last-minute stress if they are far overweight just before heading off on their big trip.


  • RRP $49.99 per annual subscription card
  • Wholesale Price $30 including GST
  • 40% profit margin

Marketing Benefits

We are rapidly growing our app subscriber base and building a small network of Weighing Professionals around Australia which we are promoting.

Adventure Curated started as a digital publication which we continue to run. We have a high-traffic website and work with brands including MAXTRAX, REDARC, Norweld, GME and ARB. We also have a base of 75,000+ followers on Facebook, 35,000+ followers on Instagram and 25,000+ email subscribers.

As we market Trip Planner to our audience and beyond, we believe that encouraging our subscribers to utilise professional weighing services will result in the best outcomes when using our app.

Weighing Professionals are promoted within the Garage section of the app, directly below the fields where 4×4, caravan, camper trailer and boat weights are entered. They are also promoted in the app menu on, within app user resources, and educational articles on the Adventure Curated Publication.


To become a Weighing Professional, we ask for a starting order of one pack of 25 cards for $750 (including GST and express shipping). Future packs can be ordered as required.


Please email your orders to

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