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Sea Kayaking Bruny Island

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August 12 minute read

As an Adventure Curated contributor, I’m excited to invite you into my world, Sea Kayaking Bruny Island.

Sea Kayaking Bruny Island

Pursuing my passions of sea kayaking, photography, nature and the ocean environment has taken me along a winding track to Bruny Island. It’s a spectacular island just off the coast near Hobart, Tasmania. It’s the perfect home base for Sea Kayaking Bruny Island as well as my professional photography work.

Sea Kayaking Bruny Island

Bruny Island offers some of the best sea kayaking and seascapes anywhere in the world. It’s also a gourmet and nature lover’s mecca boasting a world famous bird watchers festival and the last stronghold of the endangered Eastern Quoll.

Sea Kayaking Bruny Island is a place to learn sea kayaking and about the island’s environment while burning away the previous day’s gourmet food and drink including the local cheese, oysters, lamb, wallaby, wine, cider and beer.

Sea Kayaking Bruny Island

With a bespoke approach, we aim to support your progression towards becoming a better sea kayaker, irregardless of your skill level.

Bruny Island has locations to suit all paddlers, and it’s an inspiring and enjoyable place to learn and explore.

Sea Kayaking Bruny Island

We use premium equipment including SKUK kayaks and Werner paddles.

Sea Kayaking Bruny Island

We strive to host relaxed, authentic and unique experiences, I hope you’ll join us on Bruny Island someday soon.

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A photographer, a sea kayaker, an explorer, an adventurer - immerse him in the natural world! Eddie runs Sea Candy Sea Kayaking and offers bespoke international expeditions, instruction for those looking to work on their sea kayak mastery as well as the Sea Kayaking UK line of sea kayaks from Wales.