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Snow Peak Jikaro Table

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February 123 minute read

Few would dispute that the campfire is the X that marks the centre of camp. While there is no improving fire itself, with a place for food and drinks this neat table always seems to draw people in even closer.

Snow Peak Jikaro Table

The Snow Peak Jikaro Table is designed to be used with their impressive flat folding fire pits. The fire pits have an optional bbq grill and even a pizza oven. Long evenings with food straight from the fire are hard to beat.

Snow Peak Jikaro Table

The Jikaro Table packs down into a compact bag. The legs nest and the four table top sections stack neatly. It weighs 10kg and the bag measures 720 long, 420 wide and 160 thick.

The table top sections simply clip on to the legs. Each section then clips together and locks firm by firmly tightening the connection by hand.

Snow Peak Jikaro Table
Snow Peak Jikaro Table

The Snow Peak Jikaro Table is designed to work with a number of accessories. Extension Tables can clip on at any side, as can the versatile Snow Peak Iron Grill Table which can accommodate a charcoal BBQ Box, burner and lots of other accessories too.

Snow Peak Jikaro Table
Snow Peak Jikaro Table

We’ve had some great nights around the Snow Peak Jikaro Table, and between trips, it’s been getting a workout on our back porch – home camp.

Snow Peak Jikaro Table
Snow Peak Jikaro Table

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