Airing down, a chore?

Air pressures can be a hot topic and the debate over correct pressures for varied conditions will likely continue fireside for decades to come. It’s the reasons why airing down can sometimes be such a chore that we’d like to explore.

Remote testing the DRIFTA Offroad Tourer AKA DOT

Since first spotting the rugged looking DOT I was impressed by what seemed to be an ‘over engineer first’ and ‘accessories second’ design philosophy. Curious to see how one would hold up to rough travel we hooked up a brand new DOT 6 and headed for Western Australia's isolated Dirk Hartog Island to find out.


Gateway to the QAA and Madigan lines; home to Big Red, an iconic pub and the Big Red Bash - Birdsville may be remote but it is far from dull. Marty spins a yarn about this outback jewel - enjoy!

Protection of the Wild

"...we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable". - Henry David Thoreau

Avoiding Blowouts

Of the long list of things that can strand us far from everywhere, it’s a little underwhelming that many experts put something as simple as tyre failures at the top of their list.

Holland Track, on assignment for Hema

Hema's maps have been a catalyst for many of our adventures, so we're excited to be working together to update a few tracks for their guidebooks, and to create digital tracks and imagery for the Hema Explorer Cloud. First up, Western Australia's Holland Track!