Camper Recovery

Haul a trailer far enough and chances are you may get stuck. This day we were just arriving at our isolated campsite on Dirk Hartog Island - we were tired, we were hungry and in the final hundred metres we got stuck!

ARB Awning

Flooding downpours, blazing sunshine – few things are a bigger threat to the enjoyment of an outdoor getaway. So, it’s no surprise that one of the first accessories many new four-wheel drive owners bolt on is an awning. 

DRIFTA Firewood Bag

Timber collection restrictions, late arrivals or wet weather can all make packing some firewood a godsend. After all fire makes camp, and even the most trying days outdoors are usually turned around by the warm glow of a campfire.


A campfire makes camp. Uncontrolled bushfires however can rapidly destroy wide expanses of our country and are a top threat to native wildlife. It's wonderful to see so many campers embracing firepits. It's a demonstration of the great care for our land that so many outback travellers share.

Wenonah 17

It can be hard to fully describe the attraction of an open canoe - paddling one evokes a feeling that’s hard to pinpoint. Perhaps a calm most akin to spending time beside a campfire.