• Welcome to Adventure Curated.

    I started as a media business in 2014, loving the outdoors and photography.

    Initially, the business model was murky at best. However, I secured media partners who believed in my vision and made products I am excited to test.

    I’ve only ever been comfortable recommending gear built to last, so the growth in mass-market products made it ever-challenging to stick to my beliefs. To remain sustainable, I decided to diversify Adventure Curated rather than compromise on quality.

    So, in 2021, we added an online shop alongside our media content to make some of the high-quality but hard-to-find gear we love available to our community. We continue to test gear on our trips and look for items that won’t let you down mid-adventure and will far outlast most alternatives.

    Additionally, in 2022, we launched the Adventure Curated app. It’s an idea that was many years in the making, and it took the coding skills and patience of my buddy Paul Mosedale to help bring it to life.

    The app’s simple goal is to be the place where you can document your bucket list and then get organised to make each adventure happen.

    Mike Collister
    Founder & Owner