Adventure Curated is a family-owned company based in Perth, Western Australia. We started as a digital publication in 2014, at a point in history when readers majoritively switched from magazines to digital alternatives.

In 2021, we opened our online shop to make some of the high-quality but hard-to-find gear we love available to our community. We import Snow Peak directly from Japan and source other premium brands. We test equipment on our trips and look for items that won’t let you down mid-trip and will far outlast most alternatives. Our warehouse is based in Sydney, Australia, to ensure fast delivery to the majority of our customers.

Our Trip Planner app launched in 2022 and, to date, is our most exciting project. It was designed by our founder, Mike, with lots of input from Gen and our community and was built in-house in Perth by our Head of Technology, Paul.

From inspiring your adventures with our publication to helping equip you with gear that lasts, and now, with Trip Planner, offering a tool for you to plan your dream adventures, we hope that we can play a small part in helping you to create memories that will last a lifetime.