The gear feature allows you to catalogue your gear and set custom categories.

    You can set the status for each gear item as ready, repair, buy, or sell to easily see your current level of readiness. This feature is possible offline to assist you in keeping track of damage and ideas during your trips.

    Gear simplifies packing lists forever. Select items from your catalogue for each trip, and you're done.

    You can also save weights in gear to see your live total as you add items to your list. This figure is included in weights to help you keep below your vehicle's engineering limits.

  • FOOD

    Food is your master list of go-to food, drinks and other consumables.

    Get organised once and then effortlessly make shopping and packing lists.

    If you add weights, you will see the total as you make packing lists, and this will be added to the weights feature within trips.


    The Adventure Curated app is the perfect place to plan a year filled with adventures, from day trips and weekenders to your biggest escapades!

    It's also the place to document your bucket list journeys. Often, these projects take planning, and the app is a great place to pencil in dates, plan rough itineraries and size up what's required to get you to the start line.


    » Plan the approximate day-by-day itinerary for each trip.
    » Estimate how many days you will need for each adventure.
    » See your proposed travel distance and where you plan to stay in the day overview.
    » In the detailed day view, add travel details and notes on planned sights and activities and upload documents like permits and bookings so they are at your fingertips.


    » Select items from your gear catalogue to make packing lists quickly.
    » Switch from plan to pack to double check and mark items off as packed.
    » See the gear weight totals LIVE as you add items to your list.


    From your items saved in FOOD select the quantities you'll need for the duration of the TRIP, and the app will generate a shopping list and a packing checklist.


    Weight is critical to every mode of travel. For hikers, bikepackers and paddlers, heavier than necessary loads drain the joy from trips and can lead to exhaustion, injury or worse.

    For remote 4×4 trips, overload often leads to broken componentry and extensive recovery and repair bills.

    Excess weight significantly impacts stopping distances, steering, stability and your centre of gravity if you tow a camper trailer, caravan or boat.

    The Weights section of Trip Planner is unique and allows you to see the immediate impact on your load as you add and subtract items from your packing lists.

    It allows you to get the weight right in advance and avoid the last-minute hassle of repacking if you weigh just before heading off and are overloaded.