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Beta Testers Wanted

Are you keen to have early access, contribute feedback and enjoy 3 months free after launch? Sign up and we’ll get in touch soon to kick off.



Trip Planner App 3

Trip Planner is a place to document your dream adventures and get organised to make escaping effortless.

It’s available for iOS and Android devices with full offline functionality and as a web app for fast planning on big screens.


Trip Planner App 4

The Dashboard helps inspire you to keep planning your future adventures. It shows all your upcoming Trips, including your Bucket List, and even includes handy details such as a list of your gear that needs repair and attending to.


Trip Planner App 5
  • Map out your itinerary
  • Upload documents like permits and flights
  • Generate lists for gear and food
  • Track the weight of your hiking pack, 4×4, camper trailer, caravan or motorbike or boat
  • Create a budget


Trip Planner App 6

Organised gear makes packing efficient. Classify yours by category, brand, owner, status and storage location.


Trip Planner App 7

Save your favourite breakfast, lunches and dinners. Simply select how many of each meal you want to pack, and Trip Planner will create a shopping and packing list.


Trip Planner App 8

Enter all your food and drinks to quickly create shopping lists.

Include the weights and these will be automatically added in the calculations that indicate how heavy your 4×4, camper trailer, caravan or hiking pack is.


Trip Planner App 9

Customise Gear Shed brands, categories, sub-categories and storage locations to suit your interests and organisation system.

Save data like weights for travellers, 4x4s, camper trailers, caravans, boats and motorbikes for use in the smart calculators in Trips.