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Trip Planner

Plan A Life Of Adventure

Adventure Curated Trip Planner is a comprehensive app for organising journey-based travel logistics for 4×4, adventure motorbiking, hiking, bikepacking, canoeing, sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking trips.

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Bucket List

Writing dreams down is a big step in transitioning to doing. Capture your dream trips and then plan to make them happen!

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Weekenders and short trips are a well-deserved break from routine. They are also the breeding ground for your more significant trips and a chance to shakedown gear, hone skills and keep your dreams alive.

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Gear Shed

A master list that makes light work of organising gear for any trip. Assign categories and owners for organisation as well as weights to avoid overloading. Flag gear that needs repair, recharging or purchasing and be trip ready.

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Upload your favourite travel food and drinks to make populating shopping lists a breeze. Include weights to have these items included in your trip weight calculators instantly.

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Save the ingredients of your go-to breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Select how many of each meal you will need for your trip, and the app will add the required items to your shopping list.

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Web App

Using the web app on desktops and laptops during set up, and initial planning displays more information. Data syncs to the smartphone and tablet iOS and Android apps.

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Mobile App

Full functions are available on the smartphone and tablet iOS and Android apps. Tweak your plans on the go, hit the shops with your food list, mark items as packed or see which gear needs repair.

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Mode of Travel Features

  • 4×4
  • 4×4 Towing Camper
  • 4×4 Towing Caravan
  • 4×4 Towing Boat
  • Adventure Motorbike
  • Hiking
  • Bikepacking
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Whitewater Kayaking
  • Canoeing
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Estimate how long you will need for each of your dream trips. Adjust plans to make the most of the time you can carve away from responsibilities.

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Gear Packing

Browse your gear shed and select and add gear to any trip plan. Check items as packed when they are loaded and ready to go.

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Food Shopping

Select the quantity of food and meals to make a shopping list. Check items as bought on the app in-store and packed.

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4×4 Weights

Stay below GVM limits for safety, to minimise the chance of vehicle breakage, for insurance and legalities. Indicators show if you exceed GVM. Calculations include passengers, fuel, water, gear & food.

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Towing Weights

Weight is especially safety-critical when towing. Indicators show if you exceed GTM or GCM. Passengers, fuel, water, gear & food are all considered. Allocate gear and food to the 4×4, camper, caravan or boat for accurate calculations.

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Pack Weights

Hikers can see total pack weight as they add gear and food to their list. Bikepackers, sea kayakers, whitewater kayakers and canoeists can monitor their loads too.

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Save permits, booking confirmations, guides and other essential documents together with your trip plans.

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Estimate what your dream trips will cost and start saving to live a life filled with dream trips, rather than settling for just one trip of a lifetime.