REDARC Solar Regulator

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A place to swim and an ice-cold fridge are saviours of summer camping. So let’s take a look at keeping that fridge powered with a REDARC Solar Regulator and panel.

Redarc Solar Regulator

When base camping it’s nice to have the option of having the fridge located near the camp kitchen. Powering this setup is actually straight forward. We camp for the peace and quiet, so generators are out, and for us the best option this type of setup is solar.

Redarc Solar Regulator
Redarc Solar Regulator

For a configuration like this, you’ll need a solar panel (the one used here is 150 watts), a deep cycle battery, a solar regulator and cables. Cables to connect the panel to the regulator, the regulator to the battery and the battery to the fridge.

Redarc Solar Regulator
Redarc Solar Regulator

For optimum performance the panels, wiring, regulator and battery all need to be both good quality and in good condition.

Systems with the regulator close to the battery tend to perform best. To allow for pitching the tent in the shade (where possible) most campers use between 5 and 10-metre solar panel cables. It’s much more efficient to regulate this generated power after it has travelled the length of this connecting cable.

Redarc Solar Regulator

The REDARC Solar Regulator is available in 10, 20 and 30 Amp models to suit a range of solar panel sizes. They also manufacture high-quality connection cables and a handy monitor to help you manage your power. 

Redarc Solar Regulator

For vehicle-based trips, this REDARC Solar Regulator can be a great solution too. Whether your battery is under the hood, or in the tray, simply connect the regulator and your solar panel for high-quality solar power.

Redarc Solar Regulator
Redarc Solar Regulator

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