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REDARC RedVision 1

REDARC RedVision

The new REDARC RedVision is commonly known as a Total Vehicle Management System or TVMS. We’ll dive into the details... Read More
Overlanding Power 2

Overlanding Power

Most overland travellers say their dual battery system is one of the vehicle upgrades they’d be least willing to... Read More
REDARC Manager 30 3

REDARC Manager 30

Off grid camping and travelling can be a replenishing experience. The REDARC Manager 30 puts 'easy' into power... Read More
REDARC Tow-Pro Elite 4

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite

Connecting a trailer can dramatically alter the performance of our vehicles. Being able to stop safely is... Read More
REDARC 700W Inverter 5

REDARC 700W Inverter

Keeping a 4WD power system all 12V is surely the simplest option, and it's the most frugal with your batteries too.... Read More


I still remember the aha moment when we purchased our first fridge. Fresh food and cold beer is great, you'd think it... Read More
REDARC SunPower Solar Blanket 7

REDARC SunPower Solar Blanket

The land of wide open spaces, Australia is truly unique. Point your wheels in one of many directions for long enough,... Read More

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